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Notary Trust Delivery Agent

We provide trust delivery service to law firms and individuals

As a trust delivery agent, I serve the public and estate planning professionals in the skillful presentation and execution of individual estate planning-related documents, or a full estate planning package. 

Benefits to Lawyers
  • Freedom-By partnering with us you gain more than just efficient trust delivery, you get your time back; time to assist more clients, to concentrate on billable hours and time for yourself and your family.

  • Streamlined Process- your completed binder can be picked up at your office or mailed to me; and for my virtual attorneys, I can print on 3-hole paper and create the binder for you.

  • Added Value- in a competitive market, a great way to set yourself apart.

Benefits to Trustees

Your clients are successful, busy individuals and families who value convenience. Give your valued clients the choice of when and where they execute their trust. In many cases, an appointment in the evening or on the weekend would be welcome.

Trust Delivery Pricing

Estate Planning Packages - Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, etc.

Mobile Service - for travel over a 10 mile radius
$300.00 (includes notarizations and travel fee)
Starting at $60
Cash, Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay-PERSONAL CHECKS and MONEY ORDERS NOT ACCEPTED
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