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Done Deal Apostille Service



An apostille is a cover attached to a document that allows the document to be used in a foreign country.

What is an apostille?
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Why would I need to have a document apostilled?

Some reasons why you may need to apostille a document include:

  • Going to school in another country

  • Going to work in another country

  • International destination wedding

  • Teaching abroad

  • Overseas patents

  • International adoptions

  • Making Aliyah to Israel

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Just to name a few...

Why Use an Apostille Agent?

Unlike being a notary, there is no certification required to become an apostille agent, and anyone who needs to have a document apostilled can do it themselves. People use apostille agents for the same reason they use mechanics; Expertise and convenience. You don't have to figure it out, and you don't have to drive to the Secretary of State's office downtown.

Why Use Done Deal Mobile Notary for your apostille needs?

  • Done Deal Mobile Notary's owner Pat is a certified "World of Apostille" agent from the Judi Lawrence Institute for notaries and is a member of multiple notary and apostille organizations for the purposes of training, best practices and networking.

  •  Done Deal Mobile Notary has built a network of apostille agents, translators, and couriers in most major markets around the country, which means out-of-state documents can be apostilled in a far more timely manner.

  • We are a one-stop shop. Here you can get your documents translated, notarized and apostilled in one place.

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